This is a good news for me that the job outlook for 2016 college graduates seems so bright. According to a forecast from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the employers plan to increase hiring of 2016 college graduates 11%. This is the result from the recovering of the economy which stimulates the industrial growth and the Baby Boomers retirement. With the expected unemployment rate at 4.8%, the 2016 graduating class is among the luckiest in decades. We will be starting first jobs with an unemployment rate below the average of the past 40 years.

Which organizations that we should start to apply for the jobs? The answer is the small companies seem to give you the better chance. The report from the Michigan State University shows that small companies with fewer than 100 employees would increase the largest percent in hiring. These small firms would hire 39 percent more new college graduates while large organizations with more than 1,500 workers would hire 16 percent more college grads.

The students earning bachelor’s degrees are most in demand for all sizes of the companies and industries. Especially for the college graduates with the degree in business, engineering, and computer and information sciences, the job market has a high demand and really welcome for them.

Attributes employers seek on a candidate’s resume


                      Source:  Job Outlook 2015, National Association of Colleges and Employers

What should you put in your resume? We can consider from of the report of 2015 which might continue to 2016. Besides a student’s GPA, the trend of employers in 2015 is focusing on teamwork and leadership skills as the most important attributes of the candidates. According to the report of NACE, almost 78 percent of employers is looking for the ability to work in a team and evidence to prove that of the candidates. The second skill to that is the ability to make decisions and solve problems and the verbal communication skills come in the third place.

How about the money? The average salary for bachelor’s degree graduates from Class of 2015 is $50,651. Recently, the report of Michigan State University projects that starting salaries across the board for 2016 graduates will rise modestly, by 2% to 5%, though some professions, like engineering and information technology, will have bigger increases.

Overall, it looks good for us to find our first jobs. So be ready new grads, clean up your resume and prepare yourself!